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Top Google Ads Scripts for Top Advertisers


How many hours of hard work does it take to monitor, update, and maintain your Google ads campaigns? Too many, we hear you!  Looking after every single ad is boring, time-consuming and stressful. And what’s worse, you are left without the time and energy you need to grow your business (and your career).

Why don't you let Google make your job easier?

With the Top 10 Google Ads Scripts our experts handpicked for you, you can automate and level up your Google ads.

Complete and submit the form, we'll send you the links to download all ten scripts in .txt format. Save each document, open it, copy the entire code, paste it into the script editor of your Google Ads account, set your rules, run the script. Done!

While Google algorithm checks the health of your campaigns and optimizes bidding, budget, performance, and placements, following your orders, you can work on other projects. 

Such as coming up with over-the-top strategies, to outperform all competitors and skyrocket your Google Ads results! 



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