Everything You Need To Know About Google Ads Bidding To Avoid Wasting Money

Have you ever struggled when setting up your Google Ads bidding strategies and do you live in fear of pouring money down the drain? Do you wake up at night longing for scientific automation for your bidding strategy? If your answer is yes, we hear you! Google Ads bidding strategies can be overwhelming, but we've got you covered!

Gianluca Binelli is the founder and Managing Director of Booster Box, a performance agency specialized in scientific marketing, and a regular speaker at international PPC conferences (such as AdWorld Experience, HeroConf, Web Marketing Festival). With a love for numbers and the scientific method, they devised a script to automate and optimize Google Ads bidding.
During this FREE webinar, Gianluca will cover:
- How to audit your current assets for bidding strategy success
- An overview of Google bidding strategies
- How to choose the right bid 
- How to segment your campaign and adjust your bid accordingly
- A FREE ready-made script to automate and optimize your bidding strategy
Join AdEspresso for this exclusive webinar with Gianluca Binelli, and learn how to automate and optimize your Google Ads bidding strategy, outperform all competitors and skyrocket your Google Ads results!

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