How To Create A Facebook Ads Funnel Strategy & Boost Your Ads

AdEspresso webinar about how to create a Facebook Ads funnel strategy
Have you ever wondered what aspect of your Facebook and Instagram Ads strategy to focus on?
Often, we pay attention to just one specific area at a time such as audience creation, writing the perfect ad or ensuring our tracking and attribution is working properly.
However, to build a truly effective advertising strategy we need to take a step back and look at the overall sales funnel.
With iOS 14 changes limiting what events we can track on websites, it’s never been so important to build full funnels, starting with warming up your audience on Facebook where we can still track all activity and then build engagement custom audiences for remarketing.
During this live one-hour training, AdEspresso’s Head of Training & Education Paul Fairbrother will share with you some real examples of effective sales funnels and give you some action points to help you create your very own Facebook Ads funnel.

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