Facebook Business Manager Mastery


Business Manager is Facebook’s portal for advertisers, allowing you to quickly manage multiple assets such as business pages, ad accounts, pixels, product catalogs and employees all in one place. It’s a very powerful tool that every advertiser should be using, but the downside is it can be complex to master, which is why we created this Business Manager Mastery live webinar.

During this one-hour training we’ll be covering everything you need to know to achieve success with Business Manager including:

⁃ Benefits of switching to Business Manager
⁃ Key features
⁃ How to create a Business Manager account
⁃ How to add pages, ad accounts and employees
⁃ Tips for agencies when dealing with clients
⁃ How to audit your account

This live session will be run by AdEspresso’s Head Of Education Paul Fairbrother who handles millions of dollars of ad spend for clients every year and who uses Business Manager on a daily basis handling dozens of assets.

If you want to get your Facebook advertising off to the best possible start in 2019 then sign up today!


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