From The North Star to the Right Google Ads Bid

From The North Star To The Right Bid with Gianluca Binelli - AdEspresso Webinar May 2020
When looking at your Google Ads campaigns, are you struggling to choose the bid strategy which is more relevant to your goals? We figured.
What if we told you that there is a scientific way to determine your key metric, pick the right bid strategy, and make the best out of your Google Ads campaigns?
Identifying your North Star metric can be tricky but it's a critical exercise every marketer needs to make to take their advertising to the next level.
During this FREE 1-hour live training, Google Ads expert Gianluca Binelli will cover:

- What is a North Star metric and why you should care about it
- Which elements you need to identify your North Star metric
- How attribution models can help you spot your North Star metric
- How to create the correct data framework

and much more! 

Gianluca Binelli is the founder and Managing Director of Booster Box, a performance agency specialized in scientific marketing, and a regular speaker at international PPC conferences (such as AdWorld Experience, HeroConf, Web Marketing Festival). With a love for numbers and the scientific method, he'll disclose everything you need to know about using your North Star metric to create your next Google Ads campaign.

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