Google Ads Measurement and Attribution Fundamentals


Being able to properly track and attribute sales and leads is essential to maximizing the success of your marketing strategy.  Unfortunately, with the myriad of different modeling choices and the ever-changing tech requirements involved - getting started can be daunting.

As we continue the path through a privacy-forward future, getting the measurement basics down is essential for all savvy marketers. 

During this webinar, hosted by Casey Lynn and Sebastian Nordström from Google, we'll cover the steps you need to take to properly track and measure the actions users take in response to your marketing.

You'll learn:

  • - Different ways of tracking conversions and how you can set this up for your business
  • - What attribution models are and which one fits your business
  • - How you can use conversion tracking and attribution to drive better bidding, targeting, and budget decisions
  • - How to access free resources that can help you better prepare for a privacy-forward future

Can't make it live? Don't fret - the recording will be available to registrants after the event ends.


Watch the Replay!