Boost your Keywords by Mastering the Google Search Term Report


As a busy marketer, do you really want to spend all day manually doing the Google Search Term report to find the right keywords for your Google Ads campaigns?

Of course not. 

What if you could automate your STR by finding (and removing) the keywords that are spending your money with no results, enabling you to focus on the ones that have the most potential?

In this free one-hour training session, Gianluca Binelli will cover the ins and outs of the Google Search Term Report and how you can automate most of the work you are now doing manually, and improve your keyword and campaign performances.

Gianluca Binelli is the founder and Managing Director of Booster Box, a performance agency specialized in scientific marketing. With a love for numbers and the scientific method, he’ll show you actionable tips to boost your keyword performances and optimize your ad campaigns and master the Google Search Term Report. 


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