How to Master the Facebook Pixel like a Pro

Why did digital advertising spend overtake the total combined spend for offline advertising in 2019? It's largely down to pixels, including the Facebook pixel which can be used for...

- tracking how many leads, registrations, and sales you got from your ads
- knowing how much revenue those sales generated
- creating audiences for retargeting campaigns
- generating Lookalike audiences in seconds
- getting Facebook to optimize for conversions instead of just traffic or reach
- running Dynamic Product ads

...and best of all the Facebook pixel is free! At face value, the pixel looks complex, but during this live webinar, we'll simplify everything so that you can be up and running in minutes. If you already have your pixel installed we'll be covering some powerful advanced strategies for you later in the webinar.

Join our Head of Education Paul Fairbrother for this exclusive webinar so that you can master the Facebook pixel too. Sign up today!

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