Mastering Facebook's Campaign Budget Optimization


Campaign Budget Optimization - CBO - is one of the most significant changes in several years to the way Facebook handles budget distribution for ad campaigns. For many accounts it will become compulsory to use CBO starting in September, so it’s essential to understand how it works.

In this free webinar, our Facebook Ads Specialist Paul Fairbrother will run through what CBO is, how to correctly set up your campaigns, and some tips and tricks to get the most from it. We’ll also cover the results of our recent $1,000 experiment, revealing how CBO actually allocates the campaign budget across different audiences.

Later in the webinar we’ll also discuss different optimization goals, such as when to optimize for reach, landing page views and conversions.

So, join AdEspresso for this exclusive one-hour live training. Can’t make it or want to watch it again? No problem! Just register and we will send you the recording shortly after the end of the webinar.


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